The Fog of Battle

The armies arrange themselves
five miles north of Coxa
whos people are known as Coxae.

An area named CT
is occupied by the UN.
No fighting is permitted here.

General Logic of the Kymer R
begins the first engagement:
sending out two daylight units.

While the OS Brigade
operate at night.
Commanded by Major F & U.

After a series of scirmishes
over the weekend
Major U launches a suprize attack.

Its focus being
the areas soft underbelly
or Right Coxa.

Following intelligence updates
the attack then resumes
in the Left Coxa Region.

Late Sunday Night
a cease fire is called by the UN.
Who will scan the battlefield.

The possibility of War Crimes
or at best unecessary suffering
has not been ruled out.

A spokesperson for Concience AKA Humanity Watch
was unavailable for comment.

Initial reports suggest
they may have been lost
in the fog of battle.

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