Keep on Rolling

A Million Men and Women
March today in many of our Cities.
They’re the ones who school your children.
Put out your fires and take away the trash.
They care for the old and sick:
of which most of us will number.
And they keep this Country rolling,
more than any Banker, Politician or Plutocrat.

So please, extend a hand to these
Hard working people.
Because without them,
Where would we all be?
Who would school the children,
And save the innocents from burning.
Who would make the meals,
And take them to the housebound and the old.

In past times, in better times.
These people formed a middle class.
They paid into the system,
And got a return at 65.
But what happens when it all breaks down.
When wages are worth nothing.
Will the Country keep on rolling,
Or will it slide into the sea.

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