Sacra San Michele

Take the road to the Sacra San Michele.
Watch the city
as it shimmers down below.

While you climb,
the chapel bells are sounding.
Ringing out to Pilgrims when they come.

In your minds-eye you will see the Val di Susa.
Avigliana, and the old road
down to Gaul.

See the mountains
and rivers winding seaward
See the forests marking every hillside green.

Make a pause at the stone steps
before climbing.
Run a finger down the smoothness of there sides.

And remember those who came before you,
and the brightness
that shone within their eyes.

They are waiting,
just around the corner.
Calling out to the echo of your steps.

So take the road to the Sacra San Michele,
and watch the city
while it shimmers down below.

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