Blues for Johnny and Elaine

Farewell Johnny Winter and Elaine Stritch
twinned in death  by an English newspaper.
The monkey has left your shoulders,
taking with it the Heroin and the Booze.
And those soundless bottles of Champagne.

No need to sing the blues,
In heaven or wherever you are.
The good is oft interred
with their bones
Is how Shakespeare put it.

So Farewell
Sleep Well
Mark time,
not with sadness,
because that is now gone.


Ever since I can remember I’ve read the Guardian Obituaries. The great and the not so great, rub shoulders with ordinary people. Of course the obscure folk get a few column inches and the famous get War and Peace. Sometimes a great Scientist or Intellectual, dies and gets posthumous recognition. In life they were never famous because the last time Science was sexy was some time in 60s or 70s , before people became accustomed to accelerated change. Or maybe before they questioned the consequences.   And as for the Intellectual, the writer or the thinker. They get hidden away on cheap channels, as talking heads; and make the news only when something awful happens.

So here’s a link to Guardian Obituaries of Johnny Winter and Elaine Stritch . May they rest in peace. 

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