The Harbour at Kassiopi

I hear the noise in my head
before she wakes.
Early morning asymmetry I call it.
And she ?
She is asleep:


Sailing the calm Mediterranean.
Heading to the harbour at Kassiopi.
A dreamland of sail boats and fishing vessels.
A sanctuary when its stormy.
A place to rest your bones.

Who I wonder is with her.
Are they alive too.
Facing the warm breeze.
Hearing nothing but the sound
of a ships engine and waves parting.

I hear the noise in my head
And it tells me I’m in England.
A place of cold seas and expected rain.
The country of invented memory
and dreamtime.

And she floats on.
Guided by a boatman
who keeps his rudder steady.
Heading for the harbour
of stone and rope, and fisher nets.

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