Keep it Clean

Set to maintenance mode.
To a workable,
and functioning state.
And how you do it,
is up to you.

Involves a lot of rest.
But if you’re lazy.
Get the medication right.
Get them compliant,
and not just at night.

Is your refuge,
if you’re stuck,
for other things.
But it sucks-up all your energy.

If all else fails.
Check for a hole,
at back of the neck.
Insert an opened paperclip,
and edit at your leisure.

At you’re pleasure.
All those unwanted ticks.
The Hansel and Gretel’s,
under a chair.
The stray hairs from god knows where.

Those dreadful one-liners.
The boring old perennials.
That come fast and thick,
like a drunken marriage proposal,
and an old-time flatulence joke.

Erase the f*ing lot.
The hangers and the hang-ups.
The halitosis after food.
Keep it simple.
Keep it Zen.

You’re cool when it’s running.
Keep your hair-shirt on the line.
Make a coffee; keep it rollin.
Keep it coming.
Keep it clean.

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