Animal Heaven

Do all good animals
go to heaven.
Do they –
Fly high in the sky
with gossamer wings.
Released from fences
and enclosures of people.
Free to roam,
without risk.

No more,
Frozen headlight shocks.
No more,
smoking hunters guns.
No traps or snares.
No poisons or pollutants.
Just good old fashioned
fresh air and mud.
And lots of warm
delicious things to eat.

In animal heaven,
eggs are hatched
not fried over easy.
And fish are never seen
in the company of chips.
And horses don’t race,
they canter at
their own pace.

In animal heaven
There’s room for all:
The cantankerous and
The biters and barkers.
The stingers and snappers.
Everyone, large or small.
With only one teeny tiny exception –
those strange upright apes
who think they’re so great.

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