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The Ionian Night

Didn’t you know..

plays again and again-
following me through
the ionian night.
Shaking hands with
Eddy Floyd in a corner bar
frequented by those who
prefer their evenings brash.
With temperatures staying
at one hundred and five-
the cats are stretching out
in doorways they are guarding
and dogs they are a howling-
out into the restless night.
Where mosquitos circulate
round legs just ripe for biting-
sucking silently and skin deep.
On white sheet pillows
we return to sleep.
Beneath the citrus sweet
and the low hum of a airconditioning.


Filling the intervals.
Making time with a
beat of your heart.
You’re another year-
but don’t you look good.
Happy birthday –
Happy birthday to you.

The Eviscerators

Revive, can you revive
what is past and
long forgotten, unremembered
a figment of an imagination –
fallen on hard times.
Can you configure a feeling,
make it live a length of time.
Find a fallow febrile pulse
in a corpse of many years.

You know there are tortures.
Little pistol-shots of humiliation.
Intimate investigations –
ripping-out the personal,
laying bare the innermost.
How do they sleep at night,
the ones who do such things-
the mean-spirited ones,
the eviscerators.

For When We Do Remember

We are fey unforgiving souls.
Trembling through the forgotten night.
We are they, the ones that are –
a burden on the soul.
Pray for us through the years.
For when we do remember,
the world will have turned too far.
Leaving us prone on molten mud.
May we meet those untrustworthy memories
with bared teeth and unrequited love.
For when we do remember……..

Piero’s Light

The Sicilian sun.
Piero’s light.
When they were done
she left the bedroom
to wash and dress.
Fill the day with endless
strokes of everything.
Transfer to another town,
on the southern coast.
Live before death takes
it all away.

Hace Mucho Calor!

The sound of quiet birdsong.
The rev of a motorcycle,
childishly loud and snotty.
Heat and dust and a most –
enchanted evening spiralling
out of control.
Have you ever spent one
exactly like this ?
With a drumbeat marking –
time in some distant street.
Hace mucho calor !
I hear them say –
out there in the Spanish night.

High Level Ranter

There is evil out there.
I hear it every day.
Scratching hatred
from tiny embers.
All crazed and misplaced.
A high level ranter
with a jerkos platelet.
Hell is a place where –
nothing connects.
The wide open space
where honesty is absent
and lies damned lies
are dessert of the day.
Enjoy your meal
then leave please
you’re not wanted here.