Charlie Takes a Ride


It was raining and all of the bus queue were
soaking wet. Except that is for Anna, who
sheltered beneath a tall person’s wide umbrella.


When the bus arrived, she sat herself down
On the back seat of the top deck. And she
looked out the window, watching people leap onboard.


The Bus made a swooshing sound as it passed
through puddles. And everyone talked
all at once. There was an incredible din:

Swoosh swoosh
Chatter chatter
Swoosh swoosh.

As the bus passed the Pet Shop.
Anna’s favourite shop.
A new noise was added to the bus’s song.

Swoosh swoosh, chatter chatter, squeak squeak.
It sounded like a mouse or maybe a rabbit.
She just had to find out.

Closing her eyes Anna opened her ears,
and she followed the sound.
to beneath her big seat.

Her fingers found a small furry head.
Squeak, meow, meow said the little cat.
Who sat in a battered old carrier bag.


Anna’s heart melted.
She just had to take him home.
The poor creature looked so alone.

At Number 23 Tea Cup Road,
Mum was playing with baby Tommy.
Tommy gurgled Ca Ca, but Mum looked upset.

She listened to Anna’s story.
Then said they must go to the Bus Depot.
As that’s where puss’s owner would go.


And she felt sad, until Mum said:
Of course he can stay with us,
until its owner is found.

There was a picture of the puss on every number 73 bus.
Even local newspaper printed a picture.
And for two whole weeks Anna looked after him well.

Then on Saturday morning, at 10pm. A man from the Bus
Company called round to the house.
A short round man, like the wheels on a bus.

With him was a nice old lady,
Miss Hannah., who rode the bus every two weeks.
And happened to be missing a cat called Charlie.


The old lady cried when she saw the cat.
But her tears turned to a smile,
when he jumped onto Anna’s small lap.

She said Anna reminded her of an old best friend,
from long long time ago. And they’d played together
when the old century was ever, ever so young.

Then Miss Hannah sat down for a cup of green tea,
and explained that she was getting forgetful.
And she was finding it hard to take care of Charlie.

Then to everyone’s surprise.
She announced that Anna
would make a wonderful new owner.

Anna hugged Miss Hannah,
then hugged little Charlie.
And covered her Mum with kisses.


Mum thought for a while, before saying yes.
But on one condition, that Miss Hanna visit,
whenever she pleased.

That night Anna carried Charlie to bed. And with
every step he continued to purr, until they
were both tucked-in and sleeping.

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