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Horace Silver plays
the rolling lilt
that is Song For My Father.
And I say Happy Fathers Day
to him who sleeps at Holy Cross,
along with all the others
who once went by the name Dad.


Dreams and ashes intertwine
as I waken to good news,
the first time in several years.
Early in the day some may say.
But that can’t take away
from this wonderful day !

Out of Darkness

I have been here before.
A small boy of only four.
Standing at the window.
Willing the darkness away.
Out there in the night.
A stillness sucks away hope.
Go away I say.
Go back to your lonely rooms.
Make plans for good.
Make prayers not pain.
Give us all another day.
Take the darkness away.

To Begin Again

Let me begin again today.
Let me say goodnight
when the lights down low.
Let me turn right
on that long dusty road.
And head out to the great unknown.
Let me begin again today.

Flooding Forwards

We sink into another year,
counting down the minutes.
Marking time past,
with a drink and a meal.
Was the day before
any better than today.
Will tomorrow bring
more of the same –
revamped, renewed and unaltered.
Remember when,
five things occupied a life.
When a sun setting
did not bring forth a sunrise,
someplace else.
When the world was small.
Enough to preoccupy
a normal sized existence.
Where minutes past
and time was easier to measure.

Tomorrows Schedule

Camden Road scheduled delay
it says tonight on my phone.
Like the decline of the west
and psychic distances in cities –
it’s just one of those things.
Unexplained and inexplicable,
a Mu in Japanese.
Neither on or off.
A state between rest and motion,
between one and zero.
Outside the realms of Boolean.

Ambient Sound

The bus engine turning over.
The clink of metal against metal.
Murmured conversations
and a throat being cleared.
The rush past of traffic.
The inaudible leaves
blowing in the breeze.
Complaints directed at the driver
who’s late for his handover.
The inner growl –