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The Endless Shutters Closing

The flashbulbs.
The endless shutters closing.
The impenetrable
series of intrusions,
closing in.
The migration
from small town,
into the city.
The rainfall falling.
Pitta patta, pitta patta.
Closing windows
to keep out the rain.
Drying wet hair
with a towel.
Smelling sweet fragrant
otherness in the air.
Flashbulbs and endless
shutters closing.

The Disappearance

A surreptitious sleight of hand.

He was there,
until he wasn’t.
There were rumours
he was somewhere.
Somewhere nice everyone hoped.
But the news was sketchy
and quite imprecise.
A story circulated,
he’d been quietly let go.
Another told of treatment,
being brusquely refused.
His dog was destroyed
or found a new home.
His children they lived,
far from home.
It was weeks before we
found out where he had gone-
deported back to the place,
he’d been born.
Fifty years of living,
snubbed out in an instant.
A blessed life blighted
by a deliberate deletion.


Going all the way.
Awake, not sleeping.
Visiting the world
in the round.
All three hundred
and sixty degrees
of insanity.
Never stopping for
one moment to consider.
When to get off.
When to step out
of this one and
in to another.
When to sit down
and watch it all
go round and round.
Go down like those
troublesome emotions.
Freewheeling in the
opposite direction.
Ever wondered why
the ball keeps rolling ?
Rolling slow and steady.
Another three hundred
and sixty degrees.
Another roll, another
firecracker in the night.

A Syllabic Murmur

In cold shadow
at the fire pit.
A syllabic murmur.
The flutter of flames.
Light with five edges.
A cluster of stars
in a clear night sky.
Broken daytime rising.
Awake in dreamtime.
Asleep in daylight hours.
Render some laughter
with claw-hammer madness.

Time Passes

Is it really true
that you were punks,
in the purest sense.
Because you were
young, way back when.
And like all of us,
you’re surprised
to be old.
Time passes,
it takes us down a peg.
Makes us reassess
the way we really were.
Humongous pricks,
turning on a click.
Shouting down
the lost and found.
Digging our own ditch.

Step by Step

I will carry you down
through the long grass.
And make your troubles go.
I will sing a sweet song, quietly.
Folding and unfolding,
making the world anew.
Tapping barefoot on the ground,
gently without a sound.
Step by step, step by step.
With footprints, soft and easy.


Handle with care
says the label.
Red bold print,
on a white plastic back.
A warning for some.
An invitation to others.
A question, not an order.
A suggestion, a nudge.
A reason to be bold.
A path that is crossed.
A point of no return.