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Things of Beauty

A poem for St Patrick’s Day

I lived this life but
no one lived it with me.
I lived it alone
without any shared partnership.
A solitary like
that’s not loved enough by others.
A thing of beauty.
To share your song together.
The rail road rainstorms.
The threat that shines above.
The mail train murmur.
His majestic moan.
Shine down, shine below.
A facsimile – folding and turning.
And the maiden who listened
for just one second.
Made the hearing
strain from way down below.
A changing room of wood and mirrors,
of TV screens and the suffocation
you feel in such places.
The pell-mell puttanesca.
The right left, right left
sway of far off signatures.
The sane sudden scuttling
thrown apart with nothing.

St Patrick’s Day


Dublin on a wet afternoon.
Sometime in spring.
In a smoking hotel,
with pizza and wine.
And a day trip to Bray,
on Sunday.
Outside of her room,
is an unwholesome alley.
Where sheltering boys
become hoodlums and drunks.
Happy St Patrick’s Day
she says to their ghosts.
To her old hometown city.
To the memories
more persistent than rain.


Happy St Patrick’s Day !

Here is an Irish recipe for St Patrick’s Day. A variation of Potato Bread, that looks rather like a Calzone Pizza, but is stuffed with apple. It’s poor people’s food: simple, filling and nutritious. I learned it by watching my Dad cook the dish. And he was taught by his mother, who hailed from County Kerry. The music is by Horslips.